Client Reviews

Easy to Work With

George Reiser is my personal attorney and has counseled me on several business issues. This has been a beneficial relationship for over two decades. George continually attends to his professional development which allows him to provide legal advice which is absolutely helpful and current.

He is easy to work with and is willing to alter his schedule to accommodate mine.  All in all, I can recommend George to anyone who is seeking an attorney with whom they wish to develop a long term relationship.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering using George and answer any questions.


Excellent Attorney

I have known this Attorney for 32 years. George’s area of expertise is in estate planning and probate. He has represented my interests in a professional and highly competent manner. I highly recommend this Attorney for your legal needs in the field of estate planning, real estate and probate. On the occasion that I have hired George he has provided me with professional and quality legal service. He is efficient and gets results fast.

Detailed and consistent

Our two companies are diverse and operate in two very different sales and fulfillment environments. Finding an attorney that has skills, experience, and a wide knowledge, with the ability to handle various minor… to serious… legal issues, within diverse business cases, is not easy. Some attorneys do not have the will, or thorough approach required for such issues. To our advantage, George Reiser does have these qualities.

We have worked with George for over 15 years. He has two very critical capabilities that he demonstrates. First, he is detailed and consistent; secondly he is practical in analyzing the severity of issues, and the reasonable course required for resolution. Mr. Reiser exhibits the ability to prioritize the work. That in itself is unusual, as many attorneys do not have the dedication or time to work efficiently and directly with each client.

If the cost, or outcome of an issue is not logical, George will tell you so as soon as the details are evident. Thus he is both skilled and practical in small to medium sized business problems… but more, importantly his work creates conclusions that come out favorably in both issue resolution, and financial results, for his client.

We value our relationship with Mr. Reiser, and highly recommend him to others that need sound legal advice, and consistent legal resolutions, for SMB business problems.

- (5 star review)

His demeanor is, without exception, calm and that of a gentleman

For several years I have served with George on the Board of Directors of a private corporation. The Director’s meetings are often very lively with spirited discussion. George’s participation in these discussions is always valuable. His comments are thoughtful, insightful and helpful. His demeanor is, without exception, calm and that of a gentleman. He is a valuable member of that Board.

- (5 star review)

Always there when I needed him

George has been just perfect for me during the last 25 years. He has helped me in good times and bad, helping me especially with farm dealings consisting of farm land sales, equipment sales and estate planning. Always there when I needed him.

- (5 star review)

Mr. Reiser was both professional and personal

I am proud to recommend George Reiser as an attorney for anyone who needs a strong legal advocate and personal service.

I hired Mr. Reiser to research and issue on my mother’s trust that he did successfully and in a timely fashion. And I was very pleased with the fees for his services. His fees were both appropriate and fair. This is because the original big corporate law firm who crafted the trust was not able to successfully solve the problem.

Mr. Reiser was both professional and personal. He explained the intricacies of the legal issues so they made sense. He also explained why he was able to perform and the big firm was unsuccessful without speaking negatively about the other firm.

If you need someone who is interested in your personal needs and knowledgeable about the law, I highly recommend George Reiser to successfully help you with your legal needs.

- (5 star review)

His attention to detail is inspirational

My endorsement of George K. Reiser is based on my personal experience with George and that of my clients. I am an investment advisor and have known him for over 20 years.
His excellent reputation as an estate planning and probate attorney is well known in our community. He is dedicated to helping people. Interacting with his clients George shows his extensive knowledge of the law and an ability to interpret family dynamics.
He has a way of making complex matters understandable. George settled my mother’s estate as well as advising on my personal estate planning. His attention to detail is inspirational.”

- (5 star review)