Civil Litigation

A contract is a legally binding document. When you are involved in a contract and face a dispute, you may need the services of an attorney to ensure that your best interests are kept in mind throughout the process. Attorney George K. Reiser focuses much of his work on helping businesses and individuals through their civil litigation disputes. From employment contracts to real estate contracts, Attorney George K. Reiser is here to assist in ensuring that you have the knowledge you need and the dedicated legal advocate you want on your side.

Understanding Civil Litigation in Ohio Requires the Services of an Attorney

Civil litigation can include a wide range of case types. Sometimes these are employment cases, where an employer and employee have a dispute. Sometimes they are disputes between individuals and businesses, like insurance providers. Civil litigation can also involve collections or debtor-creditor law. Divorce and family law can also fall under this umbrella. Because of the variety and potential complexity of these cases, having a legal professional on your side is important.

When you work with Attorney George K. Reiser for your civil litigation case, you get the benefit of an attorney who will work with you to first of all determine your goals and needs, then work quickly to help you reach those goals. From negotiating with the other party to even going to court to try the case before a jury, you will always have an attorney on your side providing the care and support you need through this process.

Experienced, Knowledgeable and Personal Legal Services from an Ohio Civil Litigation Attorney

Attorney George K. Reiser has been serving clients in Ohio since 1988, providing comprehensive civil litigation services with a passion for providing legal care in a personal way. He brings extensive knowledge of the legal system and a cost-effective approach to legal services to each client he represents. His goal is to provide effective, practical solutions to your civil litigation needs.

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