Estate and Trust Litigation

Even the most carefully-drafted will or trust can eventually give way to significant disputes between family members and other parties. When such disputes arise, it is imperative that you seek legal support from an estate attorney with a proven track record in estate litigation. George Reiser is an excellent legal advocate to turn to during this difficult time, as he has successfully resolved numerous disputes involving wills, trust agreements, and powers of attorney. No matter the nature of your current estate concerns, you can count on George Reiser to provide the effective counsel and aggressive representation you require.

Trial Background

When selecting an attorney to handle contentious estate matters, it is important to work with somebody who possesses not only a thorough understanding of estate administration, but also an impressive background as a trial lawyer. A unique set of legal skills is necessary for the successful resolution of estate disputes; estate litigation attorneys must provide zealous support while guiding clients through an emotionally-charged process. George Reiser has a long and impressive history as a trial lawyer, and is thus the ideal advocate to handle your case.

Undue Influence and Lack of Capacity

No two estate cases are exactly alike, but certain patterns emerge over and over again in the cases George Reiser handles. Many of these cases involve undue influence, with friends, relatives, and others accused of improperly pressuring estate holders to write others out of wills or trusts. Disputes may also arise due to a perceived or demonstrable lack of capacity; if incompetence due to dementia or psychosis can be proven, the testator’s will or trust could be declared void.

George Reiser: Aggressive Representation for Estate Disputes

Some of the most painful legal disputes involve contested estates. Regardless of the details surrounding your current legal concerns, it is imperative that you seek counsel from a trusted estate attorney with an extensive background in litigation. Consider reaching out to George Reiser, who boasts an exceptional reputation in Florida, Ohio, and several other regions. His prompt and effective service will ensure that your case is resolved in a favorable manner.