Estate and Trust Planning & Administration

Estate and Trust Planning involves working with clients to provide practical solutions to estate planning issues that clients understand. These plans can include trust agreements, advanced directives, wills, limited liability companies, cottage agreements or other contractual arrangements. Attorney George Reiser takes the time to listen to clients’ concerns, assess individual circumstances and provide the best legal instruments to meet client’s needs and wants. He also takes the time to explain the different types of estate planning and trust planning tools, so clients can make an informed decision. His goal is to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that loved ones are protected.

Trust Agreements and Wills

There are many types of trusts, including revocable, irrevocable, special needs, charitable and constructive. Revocable trusts can be changed or revoked during your lifetime. This type of trust is extremely helpful in avoiding probate. An irrevocable trust cannot be changed or revoked after it’s created. The benefits of survivor life insurance can be held by an irrevocable trust. It’s often used for estate tax planning in large estates. Parents of a special needs child can establish a special needs trust to gift money without disqualifying the child from governmental benefits. Attorney George Reiser has in-depth knowledge of all the different trusts available and guides clients to choosing the best type for their individual circumstances.

Like trusts, there are various types of wills, such as simple, statutory, testamentary trust, joint and pour-over. Let attorney George Reiser help you choose the best type for your individual wishes and situation.

Advanced Directives and Cottage Agreements

Advanced directives are legal documents that allow you to specify your end-of-life care. It outlines instructions for whether or not you want to accept or refuse medical care or organ or tissue donation. It also includes a power of attorney for health care in case you’re unable to make health care decisions. Cottage agreements are helpful for those with businesses. These agreements outline methods for controlling family owned companies. They also outline the allocation of power of the cottage.

It’s never too soon to get your house in order. Turn to attorney George Reiser for your estate and trust planning needs. Let his experience work for you.