Small Business Legal Matters and Real Estate

When you run a small business, you are bound to need legal help at some point along the way. Business operations require ample paperwork, such as contracts with vendors and employees, and disputes regarding those contracts do sometimes arise. Whether you need general counsel, are facing a lawsuit, or are looking to buy or sell your company’s property, small business and real estate attorney George Reiser can represent you at the office, in negotiations or mediation, or in court.

Small Business Representation

Aside from the day to day aspects of running a business, including the drafting and inspection of company contracts, you may need legal representation if you find yourself at odds with an employee, vendor, customer, or any other entity that may take legal action against your company. Mr. Reiser aids individual business owners and farmers with any legal issue involving their businesses, from providing legal advice to representing clients in court when faced with matters of commercial litigation.

Real Estate

The buying or selling of commercial property is one of the biggest financial decisions a business owner is likely to make. Letting your attorney go over any real estate contract is one of the wisest things you can do to ensure your company’s assets are protected in any real estate exchange. Mr. Reiser has extensive experience in commercial real estate, including serving as primary counsel for a commercial real estate company with more than $20 million in real estate assets. Real estate services include buying, selling, leasing, financing, landlord-tenant disputes, and section 1031 deferred exchanges.

Ohio and Florida Small Business and Real Estate Attorney

Whatever business you are in, you need to protect your company’s interests and assets. George Reiser provides legal representation to any type of small business. He can see business clients through business litigation as either plaintiff or defendant, create and negotiate contracts, ensure compliance with laws regarding the operation of the business, and draft, negotiate, and look at contracts for commercial real estate transactions. Licensed in both Ohio and Florida, Mr. Reiser serves clients throughout the United States.