Tax Work

Tax work involves individual and trust tax preparation. Attorney George Reiser helps clients simplify personal tax preparation and trust tax preparation. Using his experience and resources, he assists clients in maximizing the financial benefit with individual taxes.

Trust Tax Preparation: Attorney George Reiser

Attorney George Reiser creates estate plans for individuals to shelter family assets and minimize tax impact using a variety of trusts, including revocable living trusts, generation-skipping trusts and insurance trusts. He also integrates the details of pension plans, employer insurance and tax-deferred compensation. Whether it’s a series of complex trusts or simple will, he handles all of the details, such as valuation issues surrounding estate and gift tax matters. In addition, he prepares and files estate tax returns and probate inventory. His goal is to minimize taxes while ensuring that all fiduciary responsibilities are carried out properly.

Tax and Financial Planning

Tax return preparation and tax planning consists of more than just placing numbers on a form. Attorney George Reiser provides clients with the highest quality tax preparation and tax planning services. He takes the time to devise effective tax preparation and planning strategies for real estate transactions, retirement and education funding.

As tax laws become more and more complex, it’s essential there is careful planning. With attorney George Reiser, clients get tax advice as their life and financial situations change. He helps clients minimize estate and personal taxes, protect loved ones and provide estate liquidity. He also has experience and expertise in lawsuits involving tax implications of property transfers, business valuations and pension valuations.

Dealing with tax issues is tough for both individuals as well as those with trusts. Attorney George Reiser stays abreast of the new tax laws and works in the best interest of his clients to ensure compliance along with providing effective, legal strategies for tax savings.

Turn to him for your individual and trust tax preparation. Get personalized attention and the legal knowledge needed to meet your tax needs.