Attorney George K. Reiser Licensed in Ohio and Florida

Attorney George K. Reiser, an experienced legal professional since 1988, provides services in estate planning, estate administration, estate litigation, small business matters, real estate, civil litigation and tax preparation for individuals and trusts. George maintains licenses in Ohio and Florida providing practical legal solutions while working in a cost-effective manner. Attorney George Reiser remains client-centered and takes time to learn about each unique circumstance. This collaborative approach ensures clients understand legal options, realistic and desirable outcomes, with services at a fair price.

Estate Planning and Administration:

  • Wills and Trust Agreements
  • Limited Liability Agreements
  • Advanced Directives: Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Related documents benefiting and enhancing Estate Plan
  • Elder Law and  Medicaid planning
  • Administration of Estates and Trusts and related Fiduciary and Estate Income Tax

Attorney George K. Reiser’s provides comprehensive estate and trust planning as well as administration services.  His experience allows him to advise clients to follow a course of conduct that minimizes problems down the road.   He creates plans that make sense and avoid unnecessary complexities.  He often advises new clients with their existing plans, drafted by other firms, clients do not understand and are often not properly funded and amends and funds the plans so new clients understand them.

Estate and Trust and related Probate Court Litigation:

  • Disputes with Trust Agreement and Will Contests
  • Disputes with Powers of Attorney
  • Disputes with Estate and Trust Administration issues

George K. Reiser handles Trust and Estate and related Probate Court lawsuits.  He has represented clients in disputes exceeding $2M and has jury experience with issues related to competence to make legal documents and undue influence.  He works with local experts, psychiatrists, and psychologists who can assist the jury with issues related to mental competence and undue influence.

Civil Litigation

Contract and Tort Litigation for businesses and individuals

With over 25 years of experience, George K. Reiser represents individuals and businesses in contractual and tort litigation.

Small Business Legal Matters and Real Estate

  • Limited Liability Company and other legal entity formation
  • Experience with all phases of commercial and residential real estate

Attorney George K. Reiser represents individuals and companies in all phases of commercial & residential real estate.  He was the primary legal counsel for an entity owning over $23M of commercial real estate, apartment complexes and commercial buildings, and has experience with buying, selling, leasing, financing, tax deferred exchanges and other legal matters related to real estate ownership.